Support for businesses.

Haller Colvin knows there’s something special about your business. Like many of our clients, Haller Colvin got its start right here in northeast Indiana. Being a small business itself, Haller Colvin is committed to helping small and midsize businesses get a strong start and keep growing.

The process starts with choosing the right business entity – a limited liability company (LLC), a partnership or a corporation. Our attorneys take the time to learn about your business and recommend the entity that reduces risk, protects your investment and limits tax consequences.

But our guidance doesn’t stop there. Growing businesses must hire employees, buy equipment, lease space, purchase real estate and establish succession plans. There may be times when your business is sued, or your business needs to use the court system to protect its rights. Our attorneys will work with you on each important phase to help you reach your business goals and defend your business’ interest. When business decisions intersect with personal concerns – from wills to real estate – Haller Colvin’s diverse practice areas can help you with all of your legal issues.